Thursday, August 11, 2016

The "Not So Touristy" Travel Outfit

Shoes: New Balance ~ Jeans: J.Crew ~ Tee: J.Crew Mercantile
Watch: Fossil ~ Earrings: Kate Spade

Whenever I travel I always go back and forth on what to wear on days I do a lot of walking. It is the forever struggle of wanting to be comfortable, but not wanting to feel like the word "tourist" is written across my face. I think that most of us have this idea that being comfortable means sacrificing looking cute, but that is far from the truth.  Being cute and comfortable is actually pretty easy, you just might need a few tricks to pull the two together. I've put together a few tips I go by when putting together a comfy-cute outfit.

1. Leave your running shoes at the gym, and set aside another pair of sneakers exclusively for your casual outfits. They won't get as dirty and you will feel a little cooler knowing you have sneakers for something other than running. I picked these New Balances up at J.Crew and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. I also love Nike high-tops and slip-on Vans.

2. Upgrade your tee-shirt collection. There are so many fantastic options now other than your sorority's spring formal shirt, and you will feel just as comfortable. You will also feel a little bit more put together with a fitted cotton tee over a Comfort Colors tee-shirt. Try wearing one with a fun graphic or a classic print like stripes. 

3. Ankle, stretch, and dark are your go-to's for jeans. Wearing an ankle length pant highlights your fun sneaks, and buying jeans with stretch makes traveling more comfortable. Buying jeans darker is a rule I tend go by. Darker jeans go with more things, and lets be honest they will hide the coffee I will undoubtedly spill on myself at some point during the day.

4. Pull everything together with accessories. If you have a sportier style opt for a cool watch. If you like makeup then wear a bold lip. Whatever your style is, pull your casual look all together with the accessories of your choosing. 

If you have any last minute travels this summer try giving some of these tips a try! I wore this outfit all around San Francisco and I can honestly say my feet and style thanked me.

Mollie Anna


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