Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Unique Trend

Back in November I started a series about profiling men and women from different communities and walks of life. By asking what fashion means to them, I wanted to break the idea of it being a right or wrong thing and more of a way of life.  Last time I focused on fashion stereotypes and what it looks like to keep up that image.  You can read that first post here.  For this post I have interviewed the very talented vlogger, and good friend of mine, Levi Corbett.

"When I was eleven, my brother Amos and I would make up sketches. I guess you could say that is when I really found an interest in creating."  Before you read any further go ahead and do yourself a favor by checking out some of his video's here.  "I grew up with six other siblings in Arizona, and when I think of my childhood I recall feeling like I had the whole world before me.  It was a really happy time in my life, and my parents always encouraged us to try new things and figure out what we loved.  I feel like people express their creativity in different ways whether thats through a paint brush, music, or even fashion. When I started playing around with film I knew that was it."  Like most creatives, he faces the ups and the downs that come with creating.  He says that the majority of his inspiration comes from his family, friends, and music.  "A lot of my work comes from inspiration in my everyday life.  I feel like that keeps my art honest and authentic."

We bounced around this idea that art becomes beautiful once the creator puts their unique touch on the product.  We joked that we could have the same set of pictures or video footage, but if we each did our own editing we would come up with two completely different projects.  That is the beauty of art, it is individualistic and unique to the creator.  Then Levi posed the question, isn't that the phase of fashion we are in?  We are all trying to be individualistic and unique from one another, but when does being unique become the trend itself?  Our generation loves to visit thrift stores in hopes of finding a good deal, but I also think we all want to express our selves as individuals.  We don't like labeling ourselves as a brand or a style.  We like to represent our personalities and lifestyles.  I think this shift is awesome, and I love seeing my friends getting creative with their everyday clothing.  

Levi pointed out that how our generation dresses has a lot to do with how we think and work.  We are taught to think outside of the box and swim against the current.  It's no wonder we are doing the same with our style.  A great example is how drastically work place attire has shifted.  Panty hoes are an urban legend and most men don't even think about putting a suit on.  We want to stand out from others in the job force and I believe that is greatly effecting how we dress.  I love this new unique trend, and if you want to wear something that says,"This is my random style that matches my personality", then go for it!  All of this goes with the idea that fashion is not a right or wrong thing, simply a matter of finding what works for you.  

Deep down I think we all want to show off who we really are, and the easiest way is through how we dress.  I encourage this unique trend because I think individualism is so important, but the thing is some of us long to express our personality but are terrified to stand out.  To those of you that want to dress more unique, but are too afraid to stand out, I have a tip for you.  The key to finding that true individuality is having the confidence to wear what ever you want and not give a damn what anyone else thinks.  I'm not saying that is an easy thing, heck I struggle with that on a daily basis.  When it all comes down to it we should feel confident in our everyday look.  We were all created as unique individuals and that is something to celebrate.  Don't just say you want to be unique and then feel discouraged because you feel different.  In a way we should all find our own version of this unique trend.

What I'm trying to say is that we all desire to be known as individuals and not just as another face in the crowd.  To the people that are already on the unique trend, I think it is so wonderful you have the confidence to embrace your personality.  To those that are afraid to stand out, remember that unique qualities are what makes art beautiful.  Remember that fashion is not a right or wrong thing, it is simply a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.  Hone into the individuality, find that confidence, and thrive.  

Mollie Anna

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