Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blue Skies

Romper:  Old Navy ~ Shoes:  Old Navy ~ Sunnies:  Old Navy 
Necklace:  Kendra Scott ~ Ring:  Vintage

Old Navy has absolutely been killing it this spring with their new line.  I took a visit a couple of weeks ago, and within seconds my cart was full of goodies to try on.  While Old Navy isn't the best on their quality, they are fantastic on keeping up with trends.  The wonderful thing about that dynamic is once the trend is out the quality of the product is probably not in the best shape.  The price is also low so it is a win-win!  I have always admired Old Navy's ability to keep up with trends and offer products to consumers at a reasonable price.  While I typically buy staples like jeans and sweater that will last me for years to come, I always snag a few trendy pieces from Old Navy to keep my wardrobe up to date.  Besides the jewelry, this whole outfit is from their spring line, and I am so obsessed with each piece.  This romper is so comfortable, and can easily be worn dressy or casual with a shift of accessories.  I love the romper trend right now, and I will be riding it out until the very end.

It is finals week here at UTC so my days are filled with papers and last minute cramming sessions.  It can be a stressful week, but just remember everyone is in the same boat as you!  Also there is a ton of free food and not to mention the therapy dogs!  Do your best, and don't let the stress of the week get to you!  Breathe in and out and remember summer is just around the corner!

Mollie Anna

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