Thursday, March 3, 2016

In Like a Lion

Dress:  American Eagle Outfitters ~ Shoes:  Talbots

Seeing floral prints in stores is a clear indicator that spring has sprung. To paint a picture as to how excited I am, you should know that I am that girl that puts on shorts the second the temperature rises above 60. In other words I will be cold for the next Month, but gosh darn it I will wear my spring clothes!  In like a lion out like a lamb is one of my favorite expressions to explain spring, and it appears this year will be no exception.  One tip I've learned over the years from freezing in March is to integrate winter pieces in with my spring wardrobe.  For example, if you want to wear shorts or a romper, then throw a cotton sweater over it.  Nothing should stop you from rocking your favorite spring pieces!

This dress is great for the unpredictable spring weather we've been having. It is long sleeved so it provides some warmth, and the floral print is perfect for the season.  On colder days you could pair it with boots and tights, and for warmer days bare legs and sandals all the way.

Mollie Anna

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