Thursday, February 11, 2016

Heart On My Sleeve

Sweater:  Francesca's ~ Skirt:  Sienna & Bellini ~ Shoes:  Steve Madden ~ Earrings:  Kate Spade

Once again ladies and gentlemen it is the week of love.  A good majority of the people I know seem to not care too much for Valentines Day.  Not because they are single or unhappy, but because they either 1.  feel like it is some made up holiday designed to encourage consumerism or that 2. they don't need a day to tell them to love someone.  So what's my opinion?  I stinking love it!  Now granted I've never been in a relationship on Valentines Day before, so I don't know the pressure it can sometimes have.  But for some reason I've always really enjoyed it...even if it was a day made up by Hallmark to sell more greeting cards.  I can remember as a kid carefully picking out my valentine cards each year to give to my class mates.  In class we'd make fun and crafty "mail boxes" and then we'd take turns delivering our cards to one another.  I'd go through and carefully read through all of mine and make special note to the card my crush at the time had chosen for me.  Because when the cute boy from down the street gives you a valentine with Sponge Bob saying "I like you more than jelly fishing" on it, man that means business.  February is so cold and dreary I think Valentines Day is actually a great way to liven up the month...and come on there's candy!

It is no secret that I am a bit of a girly girl, so yes I love the opportunity to wear pink, red, and purple.  But I decided to mix it up this year with a subtle representation of the day.  I bought this sweater in December and I've been dying to pair it with this skirt for Valentines Day.  I love the simplicity of a stripe sweater layered over a flared skirt, and the elbow patches give it a little personality.  paired with nude stilettos and a black bow, I feel like nothing captures my girly personality better.

Mollie Anna


  1. Very cute sweater :)
    Maria V.


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