Thursday, January 14, 2016

Holiday Sweaters Forever

Sweater:  Talbots ~ Tights:  Kohl's ~ Skirt:  Banana Republic ~ Shoes:  Old Navy

Holiday sweater don't stop after Christmas for me.  The coziness and fun prints are a huge part of my wardrobe all winter long, and for good reason.  For one it is freezing and I can use any stitch of wool to keep me warm.  Second of all January is a rather dreary month, and I think it could use a little whimsical pattern here and there.  I normally pair sweaters with jeans, but I've been mixing it up this year with winter skirts.  The key is to find one in a thicker material such as: wool, cord, or leather.  Pair the two with your favorite tights and shoes, and you my friend have a great winter outfit.

How are those new year resolutions coming?  For me I'm doing the ole eat better, sleep more, exercise on the far I'm actually doing okay!  Whatever your goals for the new year are,  I wish you the best!  People always seem to poke fun when people set goals for the new year, but I love it.  There is nothing wrong about wanting to be a better person, and I personally love setting new goals for myself! Yes, sometimes we don't always follow through, but I think the challenge is good for people.  You might be sitting here reading this and are thinking "oh poor naive Mollie", but the thing is I enjoy being a little naive sometimes!  I like to think that even if you are on that diet for two weeks, that you will now look at eating slightly different.  If you want to be nicer to people, I believe you will always have that mindset in the back of your head.  I don't know maybe that's just me, but I think even goal setting makes us better people.  I hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed week, and I wish you the best of luck on those resolutions!

Mollie Anna

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Golden Globe Awards 2016

My top three favorite gowns of the night go to...
3.  Alicia Vikander in this feminine Louise Vuitton gown.

2.  Lady Gaga looked so regal in this stunning Atelier Versace gown.

1.  Jennifer Lawrence stole the show in Christian Dior.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Into The Woods

Hat:  J.Crew ~ Socks:  Madewell ~ Pixie Pants:  J.Crew ~ Boots:  L.L. Bean 
Flannel:  J.Crew ~ Jacket:  J.Crew

Christmas break has been very relaxing and much needed, but I think I am ready for school to start back up.  I like having a routine, and I like knowing that I am working towards something.  There is only so much Netflix I can watch or books that I can read before I start to get restless.  I believe 2016 will be a great year, and I am excited to see what it will bring.  So many possibilities are before us, and while that can be scary it is also very exciting.  I keep wondering what I'll be looking back on this time next year, and that makes me rather impatient for the ball to get rolling.  But then I remind myself that if I am always looking forward to the future then I can never truly enjoy today.  Our lives could be so drastically different in just one small year, but it is the journey that makes it truly  exciting. 

This year I want to focus on three words:  learn, challenge, and trust.  I find a lot of value in those words, and I think they are three that really apply to my life right now.  Always seeking to learn something new.  Challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone more as well as be a better friend, employee, person, daughter, etc.  And lastly trust that life is going to unfold its self before me.  No matter how hard I fight to have it my way, all I can do is accept and enjoy the life I have been given. 

Also you all should know I hate the cold...I mean I REALLY hate the cold.  I love the snow and fun sweaters, but once it hits below fifty you better believe I am under my electric blanket until spring.  *real talk* I don't think I have taken this hat off since I bought it four weeks ago.  My winter style is all about keeping myself from freezing to death.  It is important to equip yourself in this time of polar invasion.  Some of my favorites are puffer jackets and wool hats.  Oh and don't forget flannel everything...flannel is very important.  However you plan to stay warm this chilly season I wish you all the best!  Happy New Year everyone!

Mollie Anna

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best of 2015

Best of 2015
So many great things came out in 2015, but there were a few that really stuck with me.

J.Crew style guide in Ireland:  Beautiful people in a beautiful country...don't even get me started on the sheep  
Overalls:  The year's most convenient and comfortable trend
Taylor Swift's collard dress:  Did we need another reason to call her classy?
Ametora:  Great book with an even greater perspective on fashion culture
The Intern:  A woman (Anne Hathaway) runs around New York all fabulous and powerful...basically all my hopes and dreams wrapped into one movie
 The Man-bun:  Whether you hate it or love it, you can't help but acknowledge it.
01 09 10