Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DIY Fall Wreath

Wreaths are a simple and cute way to update the inside or outside of your house each season.  Unfortunately they can sometimes be very expensive or extremely time consuming to make.  Have no fear, I have found your solution!  This guy took me no more than thirty minutes and was actually really fun to make.

twig wreath
favorite additions

All you do is simply cut your favorite flowers and stems and wiggle them in between the twigs.   After I place all of my flowers, I then cut a piece of wired burlap to hang it on the door...simple right?

The best part is you can change out the different flowers from season to season without having to buy a new wreath!  Little projects like this are really nice to do during a stressful semester.  It is nice to be able to stop and focus on something other than school or work.  It is always satisfying to be able to finish a project in the midst of all the craziness.  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Mollie Anna

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