Thursday, July 23, 2015


To be happy, feel young, and act fearlessly were the goals I set for myself last year when I turned twenty.  One year later I'd say I did a pretty good job at maintaining those goals.  I got a new job, traveled the world, and made some incredible memories.  The whole week leading up to my birthday was so memorable, starting with my brother surprising me by flying in from California!  We spent some time with my family in Memphis, my grandfather drove down to Nashville to see us, and I shared many laughs with my old high school friends.  

I have been so incredibly blessed this year, and being surrounded by my closest friends and family on my birthday made that perfectly clear.  Friends from all over the state travel to Chattanooga to celebrate with me on my big day.  We brunched and then later went to one of my favorite restaurants, all while sharing old memories and new fits of laughter.  This year I'd like to keep last year's intentions but I'd like to focus on keeping that blessed and loved feeling always in check.  Life can be scary and challenging at times, but it helps to always know you have the love of friends and family in your corner.  Let everyday feel like it's your birthday!

Mollie Anna

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