Thursday, July 30, 2015

Barking Mad

Top:  Zara ~ Shorts:  J.Crew ~ Shoes:  Nike ~ Sunnies:  Old Navy

When I was a kid I knew that the world was this huge place and I would one day grow up and contribute in some way.  My only job was to find something I really loved and work really hard at it.  I would then live happily ever after...simple right?  Fast forward a few years and that same mind set is still there, but the world has become a much more colorful place.  What if up was really down, and left was really right??  As my future plans begin to unravel I feel my emotions begin to as well.  I ask myself on a daily basis,"What if I'm not suppose to do this?  What if I'm not good enough?  What if my life was different?".  What if's flow through my head all day long, and they become this tornado of doubt and fear that make me just want to stop and scream.  But the thing is, all they are is a bunch of "what if's".  

I use to think we were all put on this planet to use our gifts and talents and go after one goal, EHHH (imagine a huge buzzer going off), wrong answer.  I think each and everyone of us were uniquely and wonderfully made to do many things in this lifetime.  Why must we limit ourselves to one goal or one passion?  Once I figured this out the 500 lb elephant sitting on my shoulders finally got up to go burden someone else.  Why should I stress about having the perfect well planned out life?  Honestly what is perfect anyways?  I think the end goal is to just be happy.  If right now that means chasing a crazy dream, by all means run as fast as you can!

From my time in Europe I feel like I have developed a bit of a shift in my style.  I am much more attracted to neutrals and simple ensembles, especially since it has been so hot.  I love how light and simple this top from Zara is.  It easily goes with a pair of denim shorts or with a sleek pair of black skinnies.  I bought my Nike's back in January and I am casually trying to incorporate them into my everyday style more.  All in all this outfit is comfy, cool, and trendy...all of which make up the perfect summer outfit.

Mollie Anna

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