Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dear Juliet

Romper:  American Eagle ~ Sweater:  Brandy Melville ~ Sandals:  Hand Made in Florence ~ Sunnies:  Old Navy ~ Bag:  Coach

Last weekend my friend Emily and I took a day trip to Verona.  I think that Verona is probably my favorite city I've visited so far for many reasons.  It was very clean, beautiful, not very touristy, and down right charming.  After a stressful morning of catching the wrong train and trying to figure out the way there through broken English, we finally made it to Verona.  The first thing we did was sit down for lunch and plan out our day.  We turned down a random street and found a lonely cafe where the service was just as wonderful as the food was.  Our sweet waiter gave us a map for free and pointed out his favorite spots in town.  After we finished our lunch we headed to Casa di Giulietta to see the balcony from shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  

In the square we took turns writing letters to Juliet and then placed them on her wall of many love letters.  We marveled at the beautiful balcony and even managed to snap a picture with the statue of Juliet before moving on to our next stop (Giardino Giusti).  Along the way we passed a quaint patisserie where we went in and found my favorite, french macarons.  When we reached the garden I was stunned.  I have never been in a more elegant setting in all of my life.  trimmed hedges surrounded marble statues.  Tall Italian Cypress tress boarded the trail to the stunning palace.  We sat on the steps and ate our macarons feeling like the fanciest people in all of Verona.  We explored all around the gardens and eventually came upon an interesting building.  It looked like half studio and half boutique.  We hesitantly went in and found a station with many clothing designs in progress as well as some finished ones for sale.  

From the gardens we decided to hike to the highest point in Verona, Piazzale Castle San Pietro.  We accidentally took the scenic route and ended up hiking at a ninety degree angle for far too long.  The hike was incredible but boy were we tiered.  However, once we reached the top, any exhaustion we had disappeared when we saw the view.  you could see every inch of the city, and the aqua water shimmered from the sun's beam.  It was all breathtaking...literally I was so out of breath from the hike.  From there we hiked down and explored the Roman Theatre, the Duomo, and some older parts of town.  We passed a group of small children skipping as they were going home from school.  I thought to myself I would probably skip too if I lived here.  We were sad to leave but felt it was probably best for our feet (we walked a total of 14 miles!).  I hope to one day return to the beautiful city of Verona, now on to the next adventure!

Mollie Anna

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  1. I love those sandals so much! Are they comfortable? I am glad you are fitting right in over there and lookin' supa cute as well! I'll take all your outfits, kthxbye.


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