Thursday, May 28, 2015

Florence Holiday

Dress:  Gap ~ Shoes:  Hand Made in Florence 

When I think back on how scared I was to leave for this trip, I laugh to myself a little.  What if I had actually never gone through with it?  It's actually a very humorous thought.  I was right before when I said some of the scariest and biggest moments of faith turn into incredible periods of growth.  From wine tasting in Tuscany to climbing big rocks in Cinque Terre, this trip has already been life changing.  I have 100% been out of my comfort zone and I am better for that.  There are still so many adventures ahead, but also so much to enjoy right now. I've developed a bit of a daily routine, and it is crazy how casual a day can feel here.   Sometimes I have to remind myself,"Hey you are in Florence,  do you realize that?".  From my incredible classes to exploring new parts of Florence, everyday is an adventure.  

This shoot was actually taken right outside of my apartment.  My roommate (photo creds go to Kelsey) and I were leaving one day and found this adorable yellow Fiat parked right out front.  It just felt so Italian I couldn't resist having her snap a few photos of me.  When I wear this dress I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, except the whole runaway princess thing.  It is so classic, and these sandals I bought (handmade in Florence) really add to the effect.  Check back each week to read more about my Italian adventure!

Mollie Anna

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