Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bumpy Ride

Three flights, two buses, and one ride later I have finally made it to Italy!  The journey here was defiantly an interesting one, 23 total hours of travel.  My day began with my flight getting mixed up at the Nashville airport, which resulted in me dead sprinting through the airport only to arrive at the very last second.  My flight from Nashville landed me in Newark, NJ and I managed to take two buses into manhattan to connect to my next flight at JFK.  In the process I sat through way too much traffic, saw a man having CPR preformed on him in the street, and became best friends with a sixty five year old Hungarian woman.  All of this occurred well before noon. 

Once in JFK, I began preparing myself for the seven hour flight.  I was trying to decide between watching Night Crawler or The Theory of Everything, for my first movie, when my seat mate sat down.  I kid you not it was my reward for all of the chaos I had endured that morning.  Every quality about this guy screamed my high school “perfect man”.  Tall, well dressed, strawberry blonde hair, just a few dreamy qualities to name.  I mustered up the courage to talk to him with a friendly,”where are you headed?”,  and he answered, “Liverpool”.  British.  My inner seventeen year old melted right there between 30G and 30H.  Once I got over my self I ended up watching both movies and shared a few conversations with my new friend.  

The rest of the day was just one giant blur of waiting, meeting new faces, and exploring Rome.  After a very long day I’ve managed to find some solitude on our terrace, where I began writing this post.  Something about the sounds of the city and a group of Italian men humming in the distance, seemed to finally make me realize I am here.  I get to live in this incredible country for the next six weeks, and I say let the adventure begin. 

Mollie Anna

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