Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Awakening

Top:  J.Crew ~ Bag:  Coach ~ Shorts:  J.Crew ~ Shoes:  Talbots ~ All Accessories:  Forever 21

I've been doing a lot of shopping in preparation for my trip to Italy this summer.  Lots of stripes and neutrals seem to be making up my wardrobe.  I told myself I was going to wait to wear my new clothes until I got there, but I couldn't resist giving them a test run.  This cotton top from J.Crew will be perfect for warm days in Florence, and the sleeves make it appropriate for visits to cathedrals.  I will be trading out my heels for sandals, but on any other day they are a great way to dress up any casual summer look.

I can't believe that the semester is finally coming to an end.  Spring semester always seems to fly by, but for some reason this particular one seemed to sprint by.  It has been a crazy semester, and now that it is coming to a close I can't help but reflect upon it.  What I've realized is, I am so incredibly thankful for the life God has given me.  This year has presented me with many trials but now that I am on the other side I can finally appreciate the journey.  It is true that every detail of our lives sculpt us into the people we are today, and sometimes it takes a few tears to find real joy.  I am a fighter, always have been and I always will be.  I have chosen to fight for the life I want and the person I want to be.  If you feel like you are in a crossroad in your life, figure out what makes you truly happy and fight.  I believe that each and everyone of us deserves the right to explore our true potential.  Let no one or nothing tell you otherwise.  A wise woman once told me, "You were born to be Funfetti, don't let anyone make you feel vanilla."  In a very vanilla world, dare to be Funfetti.

Mollie Anna

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