Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekend in Knoxville

Since freshman year of high school these girls have had my back.  Through thick and thin we've been through it all together, and I'm proud to say they've stayed my closest friends.  We all went our separate ways after graduation, but still keep in constant communication thanks to group texts and weekend trips.  This past weekend happened to be one of them!  Katie drove up Friday night, stayed with me in Chattanooga, then Saturday morning we drove up to Knoxville to stay with the remainder of our posse.  

Saturday night we ate at this super great Mexican place, Oscar's, and got Cook Out milkshakes to go. We played Cards Against Humanity and caught up on each theres lives (there also may or may not have been a dance battle).  The next morning I woke to Jaci in the middle of her morning devotion and Katie finishing up some homework.  I love observing these moments. Even something as simple as a morning routine gives me just the finest of a glimpse into their current lives.  After enjoying a lovely breakfast that Sydney prepared, we set out for the day.  We all ended up dressing in light denim for some reason so of course we had to take many 90's inspired group pic's.  After the photo op we received the grand tour of Knoxville, including the University and a very beautiful garden.  Then around two we hit the highway in search of an adventure.

An adventure was the form of a drive-thru zoo.  Honestly I didn't even know those existed, but boy am I glad they do.  Emotions ranged from panic to jubilation as we drove through the 30 minute zoo.  Screams and laughter could be heard for miles away and many memories were made. Just a few to name:  Katie's parking pass falling out the window, getting licked by a cow, three donkeys coming through the window at the same time, and getting slobbered on by a massive pig.  

After the zoo adventure we drove to The Quarry (last post) and although it was too cold to swim, we did get there right at sunset.  The colors were so incredibly beautiful.  Yellow blue and orange all entwined to create such a beautiful masterpiece of a sky.  After our eventful day we headed back to their apartment for dinner.  Some of their friends from school joined us and many stories, old and new, were passed around.  New friends were made and stomach's were filled.  Their friends left and then it was just us.

  As much as I tried to enjoy it, I felt so melancholy for the remainder of the evening.  How rare is it to find a group of individuals that accept every fiber of your being.  Existing with one another is like breathing, never to second guess yourself or worry if they will fail you.  I feel so lucky to have found a group of strong, beautiful, loving, and truly accepting women.  The next morning was very hard to leave them, I may have shed a tear or two.  Although it is sad at times, I feel so lucky to have found these amazing people to do life with.  Life is too short and ugly not to have laughter and love fill the empty spaces with.  I look forward to our next adventure together, but until then three cheers for technology!

Mollie Anna

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