Saturday, December 6, 2014

Finals Week

You know the whole week is basically going to be one giant snowball of disappointment.
You convince yourself that all nighters are okay, and then you wonder why you are having a nervous break down.
You predict exactly what your relatives will say at Christmas when you tell them your grades for the semester.
You eat simply as a way to procrastinate, and by the end of the week you wonder why you've gained five pounds.
Along with eating, you find many other ways to avoid studying, because literally anything is more fun.
Then the final comes and there are people in your class you've never seen before and your all, "where has that hot dude with the beard been all semester?"
Then you take the final, and it's literally in another language.  It all comes down to making an "educated guess".
You wait for the results of the final that will determine your grade, knowing there is nothing else you can do.
You get the grade back and by the grace of God you passed by one point.  Just don't even question it.
The friend you've been studying with all semester gets a better grade in the class than you,
but then you realize you still did better than the skanky girl who cheated all semester.
After all of your exams you kind of sit and reflect on the week.  You wonder how someone so mentally exhausted could still feel so many emotions.
But then it's all over and you get to go home and see your friends and family and life is kind of okay again.
Happy Finals week!

Mollie Anna

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