Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Favorite's

Fall Fav's

1. 1989, TSwift you've done it again.  You've managed to capture every girl emotion I've ever felt into one beautiful album.
2. Faux Fur, even the vegetarian can appreciate this fabulous fall trend.  You can find this one at Forever 21!
3.Capes, Manhattan fabulous...that is actually practical!
4. Yes Please, The goddess of comedy has FINALLY done it.  As soon as finals are done, my nose will be in this book.
5. Smoking loafers, as if I needed another reason to love C. Wonder.  They also carry them for your inner "city girl"
6. The Blanket Scarf, on everyone's list and yet I still love it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed week!  


Mollie Anna

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