Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home Away From Home

Last year I was so excited about decorating my room for school that I went a little color happy.  I loved the way I decorated it, but by the time winter rolled around the pop of coral and navy were a bit too much for me.  I decided this year I wanted to have a room that was neutral and friendly to all of the seasons, but I also didn't want to bust my wallet either.  I spent a lot of my time this summer collecting and purchasing things here and there at the best deals I could find in order to redo my room.  I spent under $120 for this project total.  Some tips I have for you are to:
(1.)  Be resourceful!  Look around your house or visit garage sales.  You would be surprised at what you might find.  My night stand was my father's and he was no longer using it, so my mom and I white washed it one afternoon and BAM a whole new table!  The chair and blanket were items just sitting around my house unused and the lamp is a family heirloom . 
(2.)  My second tip is to shop bargains.  Just because it isn't name brand doesn't mean it isn't fabulous.  My pillow shams, rug, and accent pillows are all from Old Time Pottery and I believe I spent a total of $45.  
(3.)  White walls can be a little overwhelming to decorate but there are a few tricks to spruce them up without overdoing it.  I lined the wall where my desk is with a roll of vintage looking wrapping paper for a fun and fabulous touch.  I used neutral colors like grey and silver, careful not to over do it.  I measured the pieces and then stuck them to the wall with double sided tape. Another decoration I hung was a simple banner that was left over from a friend of mine's wedding.  Although it is not much, the fun patterns and shapes add a cozy touch to my shabby chic abode.
(4.) Lastly a duvet cover goes a long way.  This grey beauty cost me only $29.99 at Target and it did a lovely job at covering the coral and white polka dot bed spread I had last year.  Duvets are a cheap and easy way to update and bedding.
Mollie Anna

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