Thursday, July 24, 2014

In The Land of Kale and Birkenstocks

I am home safe and sound but I'd be lying if I told you I'm not still California dreaming.  Okay that was lame...but seriously Los Angeles was amazing!  This year I've decided I need to adventure out more and see more of this beautiful world we live in.  As you may know I went to Italy in March and that fueled my travel bug to see more and more.  I went to New Orleans in May and then begged and begged my parents for a plane ticket for my birthday to California.  My annoying self paid off and last week I traveled across this great country to stay with my brother for five days.

I was still on Nashville time so my day started at about six thirty a.m. their time and I passed out around nine thirty every night.  While Alex was snoozing I tip toed off by myself most mornings.  He lives in this adorable part of the city surrounded by boutiques and quaint coffee shops.  I walked to Intelligensia nearly every morning where I enjoyed an americano and a blueberry scone.  By the time Alex woke up I was ready for the day

The first day we were typical tourists.  I saw all the big LA things such as Hollywood Boulevard, The Chinese Theater, Beverly Hills, and all around the city of angels.  The second day we met up with some friends at the Melrose Trading Post, which is this huge flea market. We shopped around for a bit and then went with our friends to adopt their new puppy!  After picking the perfect pup out, and he is super cute, we went to The Grove to do more shopping and to have lunch.  Later that evening we went to watch some improv comedy but the line was too long so we opted for sushi instead, where I saw my first celebrity of my trip.

Monday Alex and I traveled to El Segundo to have lunch with one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Mara Ferreira.  We ate at The Veggie Grill, my new favorite place by the way, and talked fashion.  Mara was so sweet and I was sad to say goodbye.  After our lunch Alex and I spent the rest of the day at Santa Monica Beach.  We played in the water, soaked up some sun, and ate some very yummy fruit.  I can still hear the man yelling, "Mango, Mango, Mango, Mango".  When the beach winds became too cold we walked up a few blocks and strolled in and out of stores and found a little pizza place for dinner.  After dinner we found ourselves on the pier and watched the sunset.

On my last day we woke early and drove up to Griffith Park where we could see almost all of Los Angeles. We walked around and explored the park and the observatory and then left to go hiking.  We hiked Runyon Canyon and Alex is a little bit better of a hiker than me.  When I say a little bit I mean a lot actually.  The trail was a ninety degree challenge but once we reached the top it was all worth it! We went back to his apartment, showered, and had tofu dogs and corn for lunch (one of my favs).  We then found this adorable neighborhood where I came across 'Lette Macaron, where I spent way too much money on macarons.  We shopped a bit more and then met up with our friends for some stand up.  Brent Weinbach preformed and man was he hilarious.  I won't give anything away, all I'm going to say is you need to look him up.  After the show we went to this amazing Vegan restaurant where I finally tried Kale!  We said our goodbye's and went back to the apartment to pack up.  Alex was flying out to NYC the same day so we caught a cab together in the morning and said our goodbyes at LAX.  Los Angeles you were good to me, maybe one day I will return to the land of kale and birkenstocks.

Our Day trip to Santa Monica Beach
Fresh fruit on the beach!
Sunset on the pier

The incredible view from the roof of Alex's building.  I may or may not have snuck up there to sip coffee and eat a scone a morning or two.  Also this is the best french toast I've ever had.
Griffith Observatory 
After hiking Runyon Canyon 
The Hollywood sign viewed from Griffith Park
Brent Weinbach doing stand up at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre.  This crazy overwhelming book store where I purchased Funny Face
Heaven on Earth, AKA 'Lette Macarons.  They only sell macarons...I was so happy.


  1. I seriously feel like I could hang out with you guys forever and never get bored. I can't wait to get back out and see him (hopefully within the next year) !

    P.S. Who did you see?!

  2. Oh I know he misses you, I bet he would love that! I saw Judy Greer (one of my favs) at LAX and then Jeff Garlin at a sushi place!


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