Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friendship and Freedom

Me-  Dress:  Mod Cloth ~ Sunnies:  Ray Ban ~ Hat: Target
Caroline-  Dress:  American Rag Collection  ~ Top:  The Impeccable Pig  ~ Shoes:  Target 
Earrings:  The Impeccable Pig

And once again ladies and gentleman it is my favorite time of the year!  Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday, not just because that means my birthday is almost here, but because of the connection everyone feels towards one another.  There is something so magical about Independence day that turns this country into one big ball of pride, and I love that.  I love to travel and I love learning about different cultures but I am also so stinking proud to call The USA my home.  I am so incredibly grateful that I live in a country that allows me to run a blog like this and that I can go about my everyday with out fear.  I am so thankful for the men and women who have served to make this country the free land that it is today.  God Bless America.

On top of freedom, friendship is something I am so thankful for.  This shoot was especially fun because I had my fashionable and witty best friend Caroline join me.  Care and I met in a ballet class a million years ago and we joke because we never actually talked to each other until the end of the year.  I think we just woke up one day and decided, "yeah she's cool I'll be friends with her now".  I complimented her awesome french style earrings during a class right before our end of the year recital and we were instant friends.  Unfortunately Care quit dance and we didn't go to the same school or the same church, but some how we made our friendship work.  After years of after school trips to Target, many adventures in Nashville, and one too many trashy TV shows (always while eating baked goods) Caroline still remains my dearest friend.  Not only has she helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, but she has kept me strong in my faith with The Lord.  Caroline studies Nursing at Belmont University. In her free time she works at The Impeccable Pig (the cutest boutique in Nashville) and still finds time to be the worlds most adorable couple with her boo Steven.  

For this shoot I really wanted to do something that really embodied your typical Fourth of July and of course picnic style came to mind.  I found this great vintage dress online at Modcloth and fell in love with the fun table cloth pattern and classic fit.  I added simple accents of gold careful not to over do the whole look.  With Caroline I really just let her decide what she wanted to wear.  All the guidelines I gave her were that it needed to be patriotic and it needed to reflect her personal style.  Caroline and I joke that we have very different styles.  She tends to wear lots of florals and carries a bit of a boho feel to every outfit.  I on the other hand tend to gravitate toward classic cuts and preppy patterns (although I have been branching out).  We decided it would be fun to wear outfits for the shoot that reflected our personal styles, and I think we did a pretty good job.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!  I hope you all stuff your faces with hot dogs (or tofu dogs like me) and spend this weekend with the ones you love.  Be thankful for the Country we live in, and be grateful for the friendships in your life.  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Mollie Anna

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