Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Welcome Home, Sun

Dress:  Urban Outfitters ~ Earrings:  Borrowed from Mom 

I really wanted my first post of the summer season to be a more free boho inspired look.  This dress came to mind when I was brainstorming for this shoot.  I adore the eyelet details and the scalloped trim.  I kept everything very simple with natural makeup and hair which complemented the gold hoops.  All that is missing is sun kissed skin to truly capture the look of summer.

Nothing says summer more than a field of wild flowers, so when Sydney and I found this location we were in heaven.  Of course we had to climb over a barbed wire fence on to private property, but man was it worth it.  Acres upon acres of open farm land that even came with an a variety of farm animals.  Sometimes you have to climb some fences in order to capture the magic.  It was so exciting to be out with Sydney again, but of course after shooting for five minutes her camera died.  If I haven’t expressed how incredibly talented she is in the past, well I am now.  She didn’t let me worry for a second, she pulled out her iPhone and carried on like nothing had changed.  Let that sit in.  All of these were taken on her phone...she’s that good.  Shooting with Syd really solidified that it was summer.  I am finally home for the summer, but it has been strange molding back into my old life.  This little adventure made so many memories come flooding back, and in that moment I was reminded of my Hendersonville life.  One of my favorite songs,"Welcome Home, Son", really seems to come to mind when I think of summer.  Trips to the beach, conversations running late into the night, and laughter that could be heard from miles away; these are memories that play through my head with this song.  My Freshman year at UTC was truly amazing, but I am happy to be home.  I am looking forward to laughter, warm nights, and many memories to come. 


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