Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuscany Has My Heart

Top:  Old Navy ~ Boots:  Sam Edelman ~ Jacket:  Old Navy ~ Bag:  Coach ~ Jeans:  Old Navy  Sunnies:  Ray Ban

On our fifth day we took a tour of Tuscany, and this was by far my favorite day!  A day filled with food, wine, shopping, and beautiful scenery, what more could you ask for?  We visited the cities of San Gimignano, Siena, and Monteriggioni. 

San Gimignano was the first we visited and boy was it cute!  Alex and I explored the little town and came across so many cute shops and even a local flea market!  I bought a precious handmade apron that has tulips all over it, and Alex bought himself some new leather shoes!  San Gimignano is surrounded by the country side so every spot you turn is a picture perfect moment.  It also has a torture museum!  Something for everyone I guess haha.  From there we left for a vineyard in the Chianti region of Tuscany for our lunch/wine tasting.  We arrived at this amazing vineyard on top of a hill and toured the facility where we learned all about the wine process there.  Here's a little fact:  only a true Chianti wine is marked by the symbolic black rooster on the label.  So anything else beware!  After our tour we sat down for a four course meal and a variety of wines that complemented each food.  Every bit was so wonderful we didn't waste even a drop or a crumb!  From the vineyard we moved on to the city of Siena.  Siena was by far the most interesting!  It was like a combination of Florence and San Gimignano.  lots of high end shopping but still a smaller town feel.  Twice a year the city puts on a traditional mediaeval horse race called The Palio.  The event is attended by thousands and is very dangerous!  Like most cities are divided up into counties, Siena is divided up into contrades.  In Siena there are seventeen, and when the Palio events happen each contrade competes to be the winning district. 

Our last destination of our tour was this little town called Monteriggioni.  We arrived right as the sun was beginning to set, and so Alex and I raced to the edge of town to get the best view.  When we reached the edge all we found was a wall, so we scanned it for stairs but when we found some of course they were gated off, but that didn't stop us.  I threw my things over the gate and scaled the fence.  After many failed attempts we made it (illegally) on top of the wall, and my was it worth it.  Magical doesn't even begin to describe the view.  The sunlight danced across the valley, highlighting every perfection Tuscany had to offer.  Hues of pink, yellow, and blue all intertwining to make one beautiful image of color.  Before the sun fully left us Alex and I climbed off of the wall and found a quiet vineyard filled with lush green grass to sit and watch the day end.  We sat in complete silence as we watched the rays sink beneath the mountains, casting all that they had left upon the perfectly sculpted landscape.  Time stopped and in that moment I was just a girl sitting without a problem in the world, watching the worlds beauty blossom before me. 


  1. Tuscany sounds and looks like a fabulous place. I have never been to that part of Italy but would love to get there one day. The wine and food look delicious and the scenery is amazing!


  2. Rebecca it truly was amazing! Everyone should go at least once!


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