Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jack Rogers For Everyone!

If you are a sale addict like myself then boy do I have the heroine for you!  A friend of mine sent me this link and it got so popular I though I would share it with my lovely readers!  Follow the instructions below for a sale that will knock your socks off!  Happy Shopping!

This is slightly confusing but if you follow the steps exactly you will be fine!

1.  follow this link to living social to purchase your voucher.  They are having a sale that allows you to buy a $50 Neimen Marcus last call voucher for $25, BUT if you use the promo code (BESTMOM) you will only pay $18.  


2.  Make sure you use this link

3.  Then, go to Neiman Marcus Last Call and search Jack Rogers. Find the pair you want, apply the code that living social gives you.

4.  You'll get your jacks for about $10-20. Share the living social website with and get your $25 voucher for free if three people use it! Even if not you still get them for under 30! 

5.  Enjoy!

Happy finals week

Mollie Anna 

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