Thursday, March 27, 2014

So This One Time In Florence

First Outfit:  Top:  Old Navy ~ Socks:  Forever 21 ~ Pants:  OldNavy ~ Shoes:  L.L Bean ~ Jacket:  OldNavy ~Sunnies:  Ray Ban ~ Bag:  Coach

Alex's Outfit:  Top:  Urban Outfitters ~ Pants: Zara ~ Jacket:  Urban Outfitters ~ Shoes:  Zara Backpack:  Urban Outfitters

Second Outfit:  Chambray:  J.Crew ~ Sweater:  OldNavy ~ Hat:  Souther Traditions ~ Bag:  Coach

On the morning of our third day we packed up our bags and said our goodbyes to sweet Venice.  We hopped on a water taxi and took the next train to Florence.  Florence is like another world compared to Venice.  When we arrived I was a bit in shock mostly because the traffic was insane.  Let me just remind you I hadn't seen cars in three days and now people were walking anywhere they wanted and cars were driving where ever they wanted and some how they all managed to stay alive.  This bustling city was all a bit overwhelming until we reached our hotel.  The second I opened the window in my room and saw my view every ounce of anxiety drifted from me.  Breath taking doesn't even begin to describe the beauty of Florence.  I could have stayed on my balcony studying this new world for our entire trip and would have been completely content.  Some how Alex managed to drag my off the balcony so we could actually explore the city.

Some of the sites included the Florence Cathedral (Duomo), The great statue of David, The Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and the Uffizi.  Every site we visited was so rich with culture and history and had a new story to tell every time.  Our explore time did not let us down either.  This city fully lives up to its reputation of good shopping.  One day we went into shop after shop just basking in the fashion, and of course bought a few things along the way.  After this long day of shopping and touring, exhausted, Alex and I stopped into a local gelateria to treat ourselves after our long day.  I asked for a small and the man handed me this massive cone with two scoops and said "7".  I thought this man was joking.  Seriously 7 euros??  So I paid the man and as I handed over the money I saw out of the corner of my eye a hidden stack of smaller cones...the man had completely played us.  Exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated from the day we searched for a place to sit and enjoy our over priced gelato.  Of course there was no place to sit so Alex gave up any pride he had left and sat on the sidewalk, and soon after I joined him.  In defeat from the day we sat on that crowded sidewalk in Florence and ate our over priced gelato with our heads hung.  We immediately broke out in laughter at the fact that we were sitting on a dirty side walk, eating overpriced gelato, in Florence...what a good day.

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