Thursday, March 20, 2014

La Vie En Rose

Jacket:  Old Navy ~ Top:  J.Crew ~ Jeans:  Old Navy ~ Shoes:  Steve Madden 
Necklace:  Francesca's Collections ~ Bag:  Coach

The emotions I felt after stepping out of the water taxi onto the streets of Venice can only be described as La Vie En Rose, “Life in rosy hues”.  Everywhere where you turn it is as if you are in a dream, and nothing is actually real.  There is so much beauty and love in this city that I couldn’t help but sing the classic french song to myself.  The first day we toured the Doge’s Palace and this is where we got our first taste of the countries incredible and enchanting architect.  The amount of detail that was put into the Doge is incredible.  Every room is embellished with priceless art and gold.  A few other sites we encountered were The Piazza San Marco, the main plaza, and my favorite The Ponte dell'Accademia bridge.  This bridge mimics the Passerelle des Arts in France in that people travel all over the world to place a lock on this bridge as a symbol of their love.My grandfather had the day set up to where in the morning we would tour with him and my step grandmother and then in the evening my brother an I would get the opportunity to explore on our own.  

The second day, during our explore time, we decided to take pictures for the blog.  We explored all over the city and even came across a Patiserie and of course I bought a few macarons! We got so caught up in the adventure we lost all sense of where we were.  We ended up half way across the city and a very small amount of time to return back to the hotel before dinner.  Venice is composed of several very small ally ways and a handful of main streets.  This made it very hard to find our location on the map.  After a very frustrating hour and a half we finally found our way back to the hotel only to find our grandparents had already left for dinner.  Hungry and frustrated we set out to find a pizzeria.  We came across one and ordered two pineapple pizzas.  I'm not sure if it was the a combination of exhaustion and starvation but that pizza tasted as if Jesus had made it himself.  

The next day I awoke with a major allergy attack and decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air.  Alex and I came across a little health food store and we purchased chocolate and tea.  When we went to pay this sweet little italian woman handed me these beautiful yellow flowers.  The day before I had seen women everywhere carrying them and when I was finally handed some my heart was so filled with happiness.  I then was told it was National Women’s Day and in Italy it is a tradition to pass these mimosa flowers out to all women.  The mimosa flowers are the perfect representation I have of Venice, romantic, beautiful, and heart filling.  And all of a sudden I find myself singing La Vie En Rose again.

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