Friday, January 24, 2014

Three Ways To Save

Shopping is fun, yes, but when you are broke and in college like me shopping sometimes feels like pulling teeth.  Now I could shop all day, but when it comes time to hand over that plastic my heart breaks a little inside as I think about the $500 economics book I have to pay  for.  Whether you are a fashion junky, like myself, or absolutely hate it we all have to shop at some point.  I have come up with three tips that will make this process just a little bit easier for you!

1.  Promo Codes Are Your Best Friend

There is nothing better than an end of a season on sale, especially online!  If you are like me you troll through the sale section adding up how much you are going to save (I am useless when it come to math so I always have my trusty sale calculator by my side) on each purchase.  Mindlessly clicking "add to cart" and by the end you go to your cart ready for some crazy deal and some how the total is something like $1000.  Tax is a tricky thing my friends, and those magical words "shipping and handling" oh they'll get cha every time!  Guys NEVER settle for your final total when you are shopping online!  Open up a new tab and search, for example, "J.Crew online promo codes 2014".  You will almost always find something even if its just free shipping!

Earlier this year I decided I needed a new pair of rain boots.  I saw the cutest pair on for roughly $80.  I then added my monogram, and the shipping was around $9.  By the end of the transaction my total was around $100.  Like I mentioned before I am a broke college kid so $100 was a little too much for my wallet.  So I looked for a promo code.  I found one for free shipping and another for 40% off.  By the end of my transaction I payed around $60
Saved:  $40

2.  Don't Be Afraid Of The "Store Card"

Working in a retail position you get very use to using the common phrase,"Are you shopping with our card today" people immediately turn to stone and act as if they were just asked to join a cult.  Guys cards are NOT scary.  I personally do not have a credit card (I don't trust myself) BUT I do have several rewards cards.  If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about It's just a piece of plastic you receive that automatically gives you points every time you make a purchase.  Now if you have an actual credit card with the store you will reach rewards faster, but if that is not your thing get a simple rewards card!  You are getting "rewarded" to shop!

I don't shop at DSW that often but when I do I find some amazing treasures, and with every purchase I always hand them my plastic mindlessly unaware of the points I am accumulating.  One day I was browsing their incredible sale section and came across these gorgeous black Ralph Lauren boots. I had wanted the exact same pair the year before, but didn't have the money at the time.  These boots were marked down 70% off so of course I snagged them and ran to the register before anyone else figured out this amazing deal.  When I got to the check out the girl was blown away by the discount I was about to receive on these amazing boots!  All of a sudden the girl became silent as she pulled up my information.  She looked me straight in the eyes and said those beautiful words "You have a dividend."  My total came to $2.16.  I kid you not we had a straight up dance party right there in the store.
Saved:  $137

3.  Find A Twin

Keeping up with trends can be expensive especially if you are drawn to higher quality stores like myself.  My advice is to shop the sales and your basics at those stores.  However when you find something you can't live with out but you can't imagine paying the price for it shop around for a look-a-like.  Forever 21 and Old Navy are notorious for supplying trending treasures.

This fall J.Crew introduced their winter coats via style guide.  I immediately fell in love with their "Cocoon Coat", but I was not in love with the idea of paying $350.  I sadly had to forget about this beautiful coat and settle for the many others already residing in my closet.  I had almost forgotten about the coat when I stumbled upon a look-a-like in Old Navy.  I had to do a double take I couldn't believe the resemblance!  I began searching for my size when I noticed the price...$21.  I was floored.  Really you can ask my mom I literally sat down (I can be a bit dramatic at times).
Saved:  $321

The next time you are in need of back to school or "my boyfriend just broke up with me and I need retail therapy in the worst way" shopping, remember these three tips!  Ask yourself, "Can I find this online and apply a promo code, Did I remember to bring my rewards card, and can I find this somewhere else for a cheaper price?"  Handing that plastic over is already hard enough, you shouldn't have to kill your wallet in the process.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful 2014 so far!  God Bless and happy shopping!

Mollie Anna

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pop, Fizz, Clink

My Look:  Dress:  Forever 21 ~ Shoes: Enzo Angiolini ~ Earrings:  Charming Charlie
His Look:  Jacket:  H&M ~ Shirt:  H&M ~ Bowtie/Pocket Square:  H&M ~ Pants:  H&M ~ Socks:  H&M

It was so incredibly fun to have my brother Alex be a guest in this weeks post!  He is a fabulous cartoonist out in LA and such a fashionable guy.  He was home for the holidays and I begged him to be a guest on here, he can't say no to his sweet sister.  We went to H&M and bought his entire suit for $153, so fellas if you are in the market for a sharp inexpensive suit well H&M is your place!  I was inspired by all of the glitter we've been seeing this season (Kate Spade) so I knew my sequined dress would be perfect for this special New Years Eve shoot!  

I love the idea of wiping clean with a new start.  That might be why New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays, oh and I love any excuse to wear a tiara.  This year brought me so many wonderful joys such as graduation, an amazing summer with my friends, and of course this blog!  2013 was a good year, but i'd be lying if i didn't tell you I'm glad it's over.  Everyone endures hard times at least once in their life and mine happened to be this year.  But thats what is so magical about January 1st, you get to start over.  You are only doing yourself an injustice if you let the past become your future.  So I'm leaving 2013 behind me and welcoming 2014 with open arms!  I am so excited to travel, blog, learn, and grow this new year!  I hope your year will be blessed and wonderful!  Happy New Year's everyone!

Mollie Anna

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