Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Is In The Air


Top:  Forever 21 ~ Jeans:  Talbots ~ Shoes:  Target  ~ Bracelets:  Forever 21 ~ Bag:  Kate Spade     

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year!  From the food to the clothes, I love it all!  I think it is so beautiful how the world changes before our very eyes and we welcome that change.  At a time in my life where I am surrounded by change constantly, it is so lovely to be living in a world where change is so evident and loved.  It's almost as if God's presence lingers over every tree reminding us that change is a part of life, and can be beautiful if you welcome it.  I am so blessed to serve a wonderful God that guides me through this crazy world.  So bring on the change world, I welcome you!

With this outfit Sydney and I had so much fun!  She goes to a different college then I (sadly) but we managed to find a weekend to come home and take some fun pictures!  We were like kids in a candy shop running all over town exploring like old times!  We took one shoot and we would say, "there is no way we are going to up that one" and then we took another and they just got better and better!  We where so tickled by the end of the day we couldn't even handle it!  When we finished the shoot Sydney turned to me and said, "next time I guess we are just going to have to shoot on some mountains or something to up this weekend!".  It was so nice to spend some time with an old friend doing the thing we love the most.  Even though I'm off making new adventures I still cherish those moments with my dear friend.

I love stripes, and I feel like there is no season for a classic blue and white stripe!  I love mixing prints, so I paired the top with some contrasting cheetah flats and then threw my favorite red scarf on to tie it all together!  Such a simple classic fall look calls for, of course, some pearls, and a touch of Kate Spade!  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week!

Mollie Anna




  1. These are so incredibly cute! I'm glad you are loving college and UTC so much! :)


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