Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big City Wannabe

Top:  J.Crew ~ Dress:  Forever 21 ~ Shoes:  DSW
Necklace: Francesca's collections ~ Bag:  Kate Spade

 People always ask you in high school where you see yourself in ten years.  I've always thought that was such a funny question because within the second semester of freshman year majority of us will all have changed our majors.  When asked this question I've always given a very vague answer, usually something like, "Hopefully married and happy".  I think it's very important to have dreams and set goals for yourself, but for some people (like me) they become so focused on that dream and lose sight of what they actually want.  In my mind I have always been a "Big City Wannabe".  I have always seen myself moving to a city, like New York City, making it big in the fashion industry, and living fabulously ever after!  But the thing is, in the wake of all of the dreaming I don't want to wake up one day and ask myself, "Why am I even here?!"  I don't believe I've ever mentioned it on here, but I am a strong believer in God.  I believe I was put on this Earth to glorify Him, whether that is with fashion or building houses in Uganda.  So for now, yes, I will live in the "now".  I will love fashion, study hard in school, and keep an open mind about the future.  

I've mentioned before that J.Crew is my favorite store, and I get a lot of my inspiration from their catalog.  They tend to layer a lot, and that's what I did here.  I took a very bold piece, the floral dress, and then paired it with a denim button up to complement and "pop" all of the beautiful orange, pink, and green's in the dress.  The way I folded the sleeve's of my shirt is actually called, "the J.Crew roll".  I have always admired this technique in their catalogs, and I recently found a "how to" on Pintrest!  I will attach a link if anyone is interested in learning how to achieve this fold!  I then finished the look with some pumps, a raspberry lip, and of course pearls!  Thank you for reading my weekly post!  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week!

Mollie Anna


  1. So true and you know what they say about the best laid plans....

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